LegalMeets Podcast Episode 6 – Kenneth Grady – Part 1

Kenneth Grady is a recognised thought leader in the legal industry and a pioneer in the application of 'lean thinking' to the practice of law

LegalMeets Podcast Episode 5 – Sam Glover

Sam Glover, Editor in Chief of Lawyerist, a leading online magazine and community focused on legal technology and innovation

LegalMeets Podcast Episode 4 – Christopher Matthew

Christopher Matthew, The New York barber with a law degree, a penchant for tattoos, fast bikes and helping the homeless.

LegalMeets Podcast Episode 3 – Chrissie Lightfoot

Chrissie Lightfoot, world-renowned legal futurist and author of The Naked Lawyer

LegalMeets Podcast Episode 2 – Lachlan McKnight

LegalVision, Australia's fastest growing online law firm

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