LegalMeets Podcast Episode 3 – Chrissie Lightfoot

LegalMeets Podcast Episode 3 – Chrissie Lightfoot

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An entrepreneur turned lawyer and now entrepreneur once more, Chrissie Lightfoot has become a leading voice on the future of the legal industry, with her books The Naked Lawyer and Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer helping legal professional across the globe adapt to the increasingly rapid changes in the legal industry and build better personal and business brands for the digital age. Chrissie now opens a new chapter by launching an artificial intelligence driven robot lawyer, LISA.


By Legaler

  • Stephen Turner

    This is a great interview, Chrissie and Stevie. Always humble, wise and helpful Chrissie; always an inspiration! Stevie – hope all is going well with Legaler. Been mentioning Legaler to my students on the Law and Business course at University of Law, London. Keep up the awesome work!

  • J Maskew

    What a really great podcast guys, thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    As you guys, I’m watching and learning how legaltech and AI is playing such a significant part in the transformation of legal service and as mentioned the speed at which it is being introduced is incredible.
    I look forward to LISA and other robot lawyers emerging and providing us all with opportunities and routes of disruptive innovation !!!

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