LegalMeets Podcast Episode 16 – David Bitton

LegalMeets Podcast Episode 16 – David Bitton

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“For lawyers, time is literally money. So for us, we’re saving attorneys 8 hours on average a month which is a crazy amount of time.”

On this episode of LegalMeets we meet David Bitton, Co-founder and CEO of Practice Panther, a cloud-based practice management software for the legal industry. As an author and CLE speaker, David is obsessed with automating law firms with the help of today’s technology. He’s revolutionizing the legal industry by helping lawyers get more done in less time.

In this episode we discuss..

– David’s passion for automation and how to save valuable time
– The origin story of Practice Panther and why you should listen to your wife!
– The importance of prioritising UX and intuitive design from day one
– Features and benefits of using cloud software like Practice Panther
– Using software to automate the client onboarding process
– The best way to transition to the cloud and making your law firm paperless
– What David’s ‘dream law firm’ would look like with today’s best technology
– Why lawyers are losing out on billable hours everyday and the best way to avoid it
– Practice Panther customer success stories and what’s next for the company

Discover more about Practice Panther’s software below:



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