What are the apps every lawyer should have on their radar? Rounding up the whirlwind ABA TECHSHOW week in the Windy City, was the fast-paced 60 apps in 60 minutes seminar, delivered to a packed room of attorneys and technology experts, keen to hear all things law, tech and app-related – for fun, to help workflow, to increase productivity and to assist you in the practice of law.

During the final Saturday session, legal tech consultant at LawTech Partners, Adriana Linnares, Ohio attorney, Joe Bahgat, Dallas attorney, author of Ipad for Lawyers and Legal Talk Network podcast host (the Kennedy-Mighell report), Tom Mighell and Jeff Richardson, litigator and author of IPhone JD, gave us all a fun, speedy overview of 60 apps for lawyers.

Without going into all of those 60 (you can check them all out below), here are 10 apps to help mobile lawyers stay productive and focused.

1. Transcript Pad

Litigation lawyers will love this one! When the court reporter sends you a deposition or daily court transcript, you can simply load that transcript straight into the app and read it on your Ipad. As you highlight it, you indicate why each part of the transcript is important, so you basically read it, code and annotate it on the go. As Jeff Richardson has pointed out, six months from now, you’ll be able to look at what was important in the depositions and when you’re drafting your motion for summary judgment, you can easily extract the information for each particular issue and argument. Massive time saver, litigators.

2. Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

The tech-savvy IPhone JD author says these are the most useful apps you can own. As every attorney uses Word or receives Word docs all the time, using Microsoft Word on your Iphone or Ipad makes perfect sense. It is a fantastic way to view documents on the road. And with an Office 365 subscription, you’ll be able to view, redline edit, send comments and send the amended document back to another party via your Iphone or Ipad. It offers easy formatting and it synchronises seamlessly to your desktop plus you can use Excel or Powerpoint too. Brilliant.

3. Nuzzel

You can discover the best new stories shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter, without being overwhelmed by too much news or missing any important stories. Described by TechCrunch as “ a fast, simple, social news reader with a clean, intuitive layout” and referred to by Venture Beat as ‘a slick, well-designed social news aggregator”, this one will help you streamline, filter and locate news items easily.

Apps on your Iphone or Ipad make life easier. Simple as that.

Apps on your Iphone or Ipad make life easier. Simple as that.


4. Legal Talk Network

A free app, this US-based podcast network offers a wealth of resources and podcasts about law, technology and the legal industry. As Legaler is about to launch its communication platform for lawyers, we love the fact that LTN creates a information-rich hub for lawyers and firms. Just listen to all the fab lawyers and tech experts on there, and enjoy the suave, soothing tones of host, Laurence Colletti – you’ll be hooked!

5. Easy PDF Reader

I am not sure if this one made the top 60 (from memory, they did about 63 in 60 mins!) but The Droid Lawyer, Jeff Taylor, has recommended this one for reading and manipulating PDF documents on your phone. With Easy PDF Reader, you can easily view and print PDF documents. Boasting a reliable integrated search function, you can choose between the options single page, facing and book view for an ideal display of your PDF documents. The fullscreen mode will help you concentrate on specific details of your documents or give you a better overview. In addition, Easy PDF Reader is available in 59 languages. Anything that makes reading docs easier on the fly has my vote.

6. 1Password

How many passwords do you currently have? Do you have any idea? Sometimes I find myself punching in several passwords before I hit the right one and how time wasting is that? This password manager app helps you keep track of all your passwords.  The app provides a central location to store all of your passwords in your iPhone securely, plus the app syncs the passwords so that they are also available on your iPad, PC and Mac.  You just have to remember your one master password, and then type in that password to get access in the app to all of your other ones — which you no longer need to remember, so they can be long and complicated, and thus more secure. Better yet, you can use your fingerprint to log in with the new iPhone or iPad. Love it.

7. Picture it Settled

Settlement negotiations have always been an uncertain game, a process dominated by power plays, guessing games and anxiety. This app helps attorneys make strategic decisions based on deep data and predictive analytics to improve conventional wisdom and correct cognitive judgment errors. Using neural networks to examine the behavior of negotiators in thousands of cases, Picture It Settled® can predict what an opponent will do, thereby saving time and money while optimizing settlements. It is designed to give you a distinct edge in the negotiation process.

Work from your Iphone: anytime, anywhere.

Work from your Iphone: anytime, anywhere.PhotoSync

8. PhotoSync

Saving photos in different places can be a pain as you won’t be able to access them when you want them if there is no ability to sync everything. This is the first app that makes wireless transfer of your photos and videos from and to your computer, iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) and chosen cloud service a breeze. This app supports direct uploads and download via Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE to your favourite cloud services and NAS including Dropbox, Google+/Picasa, Google Drive, Facebook, Flickr, OneDrive and many more. PhotoSync keeps track of your actions and notes which photos and/or videos have already been transferred from your camera roll. You can transfer photos and videos between your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) over Wi-Fi & Bluetooth with no computer required.

9. HelloSign

Want to scan docs with your camera? Need to digitally sign a paper document? No problem. HelloSign app doubles as an electronic signature app and mobile scanner so you can sign documents from anywhere. You can use it to scan and edit documents easily, you can place an addendum on a contract or insert a tick checkbox and it allows you to edit a PDF so it is ready to send. The HelloSign mobile app means that you no longer have to sit around the office or seek out a copy store to sign a document. Pretty neat.

10. Google Maps

OK, this might sound a little obvious but the litigation lawyers on the ABA TECHSHOW panel reminded us that is very useful when you are taking depositions from a witness and reviewing their version of events. You can have the witness mark exactly where he or she and the other parties were located on the Street View of a particular address. After the witness has marked up the photograph, you can save it and email it to the relevant person, whether that is your instructing solicitor, co-counsel, court reporter or Judge’s associate. You leave the deposition with a photograph of the scene, with the witness having marked with his or her own hand the location of parties, other witnesses, vehicles and other items of note. This would be extremely useful if a witness changed his or her story about the locations.

Right, so there’s just a tiny snapshot of the 60 apps but here is the final list – enjoy!


  • 1Password (free, but $9.99 for all features):
  • Cloak (free, but service starts at $2.99/month):
  • Lookout (free, but $29.99/year for premium features):
  • Authy (free):


Pictures and Video

  • PhotoSync ($2.99):
  • Carousel by Dropbox (free):
  • Horizon (free):
  • Timeline 3D ($9.99):
  • iStopMotion ($9.99):

Personal Improvement

  • Calm (free):
  • Lynda.com (free, but subscription required):
  • Kahn Academy (free):
  • Golf Channel Academy (free, but in-app purchases for lessons):
  • Headspace (free):
  • Lumosity Mobile (free):

Documents and Notes

  • Drafts 4 ($9.99):
  • AnyFont ($1.99):
  • Microsoft Word (free, but $99.99/year for Office 365):
  • Vesper ($9.99):
  • GoodNotes 4 ($6.99):
  • Evernote Scannable (free):
  • Scanbot (free, but $4.99 for pro features):
  • HelloSign (free):
  • GoodReader ($4.99):

Apps That Work With Hardware

  • ScanSnap Connect (free):
  • Automatic (free):
  • Sonos Controller (free):
  • Duet Display ($15.99):


  • Dark Sky ($3.99):
  • Weather Line ($2.99):
  • WunderStation (free):

News Readers

  • Nuzzel (free):
  • BaconReader for Reddit (free):


  • Legal Talk Network (free):
  • Overcast (free, but $4.99 for all features):


  • CalcBot (free, but $1.99 for pro features):
  • Instashare Air Drop (free):   ($0.99 with no ads):
  • SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji (free):
  • Clips (free, $1.99 for pro features):
  • IF by IFTTT (free):
  • Workflow ($2.99):
  • Launch Center Pro ($4.99):



Email and Contacts

  • Mailbox (free):
  • Boxer ($4.99):
  • Microsoft Outlook (free):
  • FullContact – Better Contact Management for iOS (free):


  • Due ($4.99):


  • FileThis (free):
  • Linky ($3.99):
  • Houzz Interior Design Ideas (free):
  • ZOOM Cloud Meetings (free):
  • RingCentral (free):
  • Real Estate by Trulia (free):
  • Real Estate by Zillow (free):
  • Nextdoor (free):
  • Amazon Music with Prime Music (free):


  • Stick Texting ($1.99):
  • Bitmoji Keyboard (free):
  • 3D Animated Emoji PRO + Emoticons ($0.99):


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