There’s been a lot of talk about communication lately and rightly so.

And one profession that cannot ignore the importance of communication is the legal industry. It’s our bread and butter – the way we communicate with our clients, our colleagues, with witnesses, judges and juries is crucial to our success as a legal practitioner and officer of the court.

As we move closer to our official launch of Legaler, we’d love to give you a rundown on how we believe the nature of communication is being transformed and how our platform can help you streamline your practice of the law and dealings with clients (and each other).

About Legaler

At Legaler, we’re all about simpler, smarter communication for lawyers and clients.

We’ve created a web and mobile based platform where clients and lawyers can check in, message each other, book and confirm meetings, and participate in video chat with the confidence that their communications are secure.

We are currently in our private-beta phase. We have lawyers from all around the world testing the product and giving us feedback to ensure we can deliver the best experience possible for our users. We are also busy putting the finishing touches on our iOS mobile and desktop apps to coincide with our public launch in the coming months. The Android app will follow shortly after our launch.

Legaler Video chat.

Legaler Video chat.


Communicate Anywhere, Anytime: Mobility and Flexibility

Legaler’s new communication platform for lawyers offers one click video chat and audio conferencing, one to one or one to many messaging, file sharing, group and team chats, profile visibility and calendar scheduling amongst other great features to make your life easier.

Using Legaler, clients can connect easily with their lawyer via messaging or video and audio chat using any device. And, unlike applications like Skype, there’s no special download, plugin or software installation required and unlike collaboration platforms like Slack, it’s custom made for the legal industry.

Communicate anytime, anywhere.

Communicate anytime, anywhere.



Legaler is creating the most secure communication platform available for the legal industry by implementing end-to-end encryption. This sets us apart from services such as Dropbox, Google, Skype, and even Slack that don’t offer full encryption solutions creating vulnerability for breaches.

This means that all files, communication and data will be completely safe and encrypted both at rest and in transit, making it impossible for any man-in-the-middle attacks, etc. We use industry leading AES256 encryption and that data is then further protected by SSL when in-transit. Even if there was to be a breach of data, access to the files would be useless as it sits on the servers encrypted. Those servers meet the highest compliance and regulatory requirements and are also protected by military-grade security.

You can trust that your data is safe in the cloud as our highly secure data centres and encryption framework are safer than physical office servers. Pretty neat, huh?

Lead Generation and Online Visibility

When we’re live (which is very soon!), the platform will act as a global directory of lawyers as well so each lawyer will enjoy strong online visibility. You can upload photos and videos and customise your profile as you wish. For solos and small firms, in particular, this means having a wide (global) legal market of prospective clients at your fingertips! Lead generation for lawyers – tick.

Global legal directory.

Global legal directory.


Features: Wrap-Up

So as a wrap up, here are some of the powerful integrated features on offer:

encrypted live video or audio chat
screen sharing
multi-party video
can use on multiple devices
automatic matter archiving
contact management
file sharing
team collaboration
personalised URL
cloud-based technology
automated scheduling
public profile page
secure meeting room

Lastly, Legaler is the perfect companion to any back-office software and we are currently working on some integrations to make the experience more seamless.

Your one-stop legal communication hub.

Your one-stop legal communication hub.

Oh, and it looks pretty. We want our platform to be simple but it has to look good too – we’re design lovers and aesthetes at heart!

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