“I didn’t have to spend lots of money or head off and do something new, and I didn’t have to leave law. I just had to change the way I saw the world.”

On this episode of LegalMeets we meet family lawyer Clarissa Rayward. Clarissa is the author of the successful ‘Happy Family Lawyer’ blog, providing weekly commentary and tips on issues relating to life, love, relationships and divorce. She is also the author of two books, ‘Splitsville’ and ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life’, which includes an eponymous podcast. Her latest project is THE CLUB, an online mastermind program designed for entrepreneurial lawyers looking to make the best out of their lives, in and out of law.

In this episode we discuss..

– Can greater collaboration be fostered within the legal industry to survive the impending change?
– Channeling a passion for design and art to become a lawyer
– A Saturday night that turned into the Happy Family Lawyer blog and how it’s helping lawyers find happiness and balance in their lives
– Things lawyers can do to be happier and Clarissa’s H.A.P.P.Y acronym for happiness
– Aligning your passions and values to create a more purposeful career
– Is it possible to divorce and still live happily ever after?
– Clarissa’s latest project, THE CLUB, and how it’s helping lawyers live and work better

Find out more about Clarissa..

Blog: https://www.thehappyfamilylawyer.com/
Book: https://www.thehappyfamilylawyer.com/happy-lawyer-happy-life-book/
Podcast: https://www.thehappyfamilylawyer.com/podcast/
Law firm: https://www.bflc.com.au/
THE CLUB: https://happylawyerhappylife.com/theclub-wait-list/



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