“Lawyers that won’t be able to use technology in the future might be putting their clients at a disadvantage to the degree that it might be considered malpractice”

On this episode of LegalMeets we meet Dr. Roland Vogl, a lawyer, scholar and media entrepreneur responsible for Stanford University’s CodeX program, a joint collaboration between their law school and computer science department. With a focus on legal informatics and computational law, some of its recent successes include startups such as Lex Machina, Ravel Law and Casetext.

In this episode we discuss..

– A lawyer’s journey from Austria to Silicon Valley startup success
– The passion for new ideas that turn into startups – and two successful exits
– How the Stanford and CodeX ecosystem is fostering collaboration and community in the legal tech space
– The continued growth of the FutureLaw conference at Stanford and what to expect
– What does the future hold for today’s law students and should they learn to code
– What will be the role of lawyers in the next 5 to 10 years
– Will it be considered malpractice to not employ a high level of technology in the future?
– What it’s like living at the epicentre of technology in Palo Alto with self-driving cars

Discover more about Roland’s projects:

Codex website: https://law.stanford.edu/codex-the-stanford-center-for-legal-informatics/
FutureLaw Conference: https://law.stanford.edu/event/codex-futurelaw-conference-2018/



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