“The problem is not machines doing what lawyers can do. The problem is lawyers doing what machines can do. If a machine can do it. A machine ought to do it.”


On this episode we meet Jordan Furlong, a leading analyst of the global legal market and forecaster of its future development. Having authored several books and white papers that analyze the rapidly evolving legal market, Jordan helps lawyers think differently about the services they provide in order to help re-engineer their firms’ purpose, strategy, and operations. Launched in 2007, Jordan’s blog Law21 went on to become the only non-American blog to be included six straight years in the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100.

In this episode we discuss..

– Jordan’s passion for sport and why he’s considered a celebrity in Canada
– What inspired a career in law after studying English Literature
– Is it actually a ‘buyer’s market’? We explore Jordan’s latest book
– The evolution of pricing in the legal industry: value vs market pricing
– How law firms should think about scaling their services
– The modern lawyer’s ‘t-shaped’ skill set and whether it requires learning to code
– How millennials are changing the industry from both the lawyer and client side
– The affect the Big Four accounting firms will have on the legal industry as they diversify
– Why Canada is proving to be such a hotbed of innovation in the legal technology industry
– The rise of Artificial Intelligence and its place in the legal profession

Find out more about Jordan here:

Law21 blog: https://www.law21.ca/
Latest book: https://www.law21.ca/books/law-is-a-buyers-market-building-a-client-first-law-firm/
The Rise of The Millennial Lawyer whitepaper:



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