“I think it’s the start of the journey, from the start up side and the law firm side”

On this episode we meet Jimmy Vestbirk, founder of Legal Geek, a LawTech startup community with over 6000 members, hosting an eponymous annual conference which sees legal technology enthusiasts from around the globe converging in London to meet, learn and discuss the latest ideas advancing the legal industry. Legal Geek also runs ‘Law For Good’, a program that provides technical support to legal charities through activities such as hackathons, including the recent Online Courts Hackathon for the UK Government. Jimmy’s diverse experience includes a portfolio of online dating sites and more recently co-founding paralegal matching platform, Flex.

In this episode we discuss…

– Why the legal sector has failed to keep pace with other industries adopting technology

– The upcoming Legal Geek World Tour

– Legal Geek’s Law For Good project, which allows coders to donate their time to worthy causes

– The regulatory openness to innovation in jurisdictions around Europe and the world

– The high-level changes in the law industry today

– The future of Legal Geek


Find out more about Jimmy here:

Legal Geek: www.legalgeek.co

Startup Map: www.legalgeek.co/startup-map/

Law for Good: www.lawforgood.org.uk




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