Legaler is proud to have been recognised in Planet Compliance’s LegalTech 500, a list of the world’s most influential firms in legal technology, coming in at number 28, and as number 1 of Australia-based firms.

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Designed for the $1 trillion global legal industry, the Legaler blockchain and developer tools provide the infrastructure to easily build secure and scalable decentralised applications for legal services without the need for intermediaries.

Proving the technology’s power is Legaler Aid, a first-of-its-kind platform that matches disadvantaged clients with pro bono legal advice, fuelled by a tokenised incentive system and a platform for transparent crowdfunding for social justice cases through tax-deductible donations.

To aid in achieving our mission, we have established a global community of lawyers and technologists to help draw as many new players to contribute to the future of law.

Blockchain For Law

Blockchain for Law is an exclusive, online community for lawyers interested in the intersection of blockchain and the law. Now over 500-strong, Blockchain for Law sees lawyers from all around the world discuss the cutting edge of regulation and taxation of cryptocurrency, as well as sharing incisive legal analyses of legal applications of blockchain technology and the latest events in the field.

Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA)

ALTA is a membership-based group for legal technologists based in Australia to collaborate and develop ideas. The group’s inaugural year has seen it go from strength to strength, from co-hosting the Australian legs of the Legal Geek World Tour to the establishment of Women of ALTA, or WALTA.

Upcoming Events

You can catch the Legaler team at any of the following events.

  • The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium Annual Meeting on August 19 in Washington DC
  • The Blockchain Track at ILTACON from August 19 to 23 in Washington DC
  • The College of Law’s Centre for Legal Innovation Annual Summit on August 31 in Sydney
  • The Law Society of New South Wales’ FLIP Conference on September 14 in Sydney

Thank you from the Legaler team for everyone who has participated in this exciting journey so far. We can’t wait to share more as we work to revolutionise the law for all.

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