Legal technology is a rapidly evolving space and it can be hard to keep up! Luckily, there’s a range of excellent podcasts on the field that are doing the hard work for you. They run the gamut from practical guides on incorporating tech into your practice to interviews with the experts and thought leaders that will be changing the future of law.


LegalMeets sees Legaler CEO Stevie Ghiassi talking with some of the biggest names in legal technology about their journeys so far and their dreams for the future of law. Every episode features someone new, ranging from successful start up founders to lawyers fighting for rights in Afghanistan.


LawNext is the brand-new, home-grown podcast by legal tech legend and editor of the Lawsites Blog, Robert Ambrogi. Every week, he interviews the trailblazers shaping the future of legal tech.

Law Firm Autopilot

Law Firm Autopilot is a hands-on guide to setting up your own practice, from planning to marketing to installing the IT systems you need to make life as a sole practitioner a breeze. Hosted by well-known lawyer ‘Ernie the Attorney’.

The Modern Lawyer Podcast

The Modern Lawyer Podcast brings Anand Upadhye’s wealth of experience in practice and legal tech to the foreground. He interviews experts in the fields, discussing not only the bright future of the sector, but how lawyers can make clients happier right now by upskilling on the latest in technology.

The Geek in Review

The Geek in Review comes straight from the folks at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog. On their podcast, Greg Lambert and Marlene Gebauer take a half-hour deep dive into a different aspect of legal tech and, more broadly, legal information.

Law Technology Now

Bob Ambrogi is back on our list, this time joining forces with Monica Bay, as they also take a wide-ranging look into the landscape of legal technology today. Episodes on Law Technology Now range from in-depth looks at certain platforms, recaps of the most important events and coverage of the latest news in the sector.

Technically Legal

Chad Main hosts Technically Legal, a podcast that interviews a new figure in the industry on specific topics like lean thinking and the latest trends in legal technology.

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