“We have this binary distinction between so-called utility tokens and so-called security tokens. I think there’s a better categorisation out there.”


On this episode of LegalMeets, we meet Michael Bacina, partner at Piper Alderman and lawyer to many of Australia’s biggest blockchain projects. With his knowledge of computer science and cryptoeconomics, Michael has a keen understanding of the various needs of startups looking to go to ICO. As a vocal thought leader on crypto law and regulation, he has been a key contributor to the ongoing discussion about how Australia should embrace blockchain technology.

In this episode we discuss…

  • How Australia’s oldest major law firm Piper Alderman came to be Australia’s first to accept crypto payments
  • The story of Michael’s first blockchain conference
  • How blockchain will reduce the costs of compliance and audit
  • Why smart contracts are not very smart and are often not contracts
  • The huge impact of scams on the crypto industry in the past year
  • The role of security tokens in the future of crypto
  • How cryptocurrency may be used to trace (rather than facilitate) illicit transactions

Find out more about Michael here:

Michael’s Lawyer Page at Piper Alderman

Michael’s Medium

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